Instant Download Baby Shower Party Printables

Baby Shower Party Printables

If you’re planning a baby shower- there’s so much that you can get to it- from Etsy!
The online marketplace for handmade goods is not only the best place to find one of a kind handmade gifts to give the new mother, but also a place where you’ll be able to find unique printables to ease you through party planning and activities.

A woman by the name of Kate has decided to make baby shower panning simpler for many excited women, with her unique graphic design skill. Her talent for art, color combinations, and graphic design, has made her shop, INVITIDBABYSHOWER, to be a place any baby shower planner would be happy to “visit”.

Her Etsy shop contains mostly 2 types of items: baby shower invites, and baby shower party game signs and cards.

Her baby shower invites have many different styles, but all glamour and sparkle for your new baby’s birth!
Her baby shower games and cards are a way to have the best time EVER in your baby shower, and her baby shower signs are great for the general decor of the venue you’ll be using for the baby shower party.

The best thing about all of these beautiful baby shower invites, baby shower games and cards, and baby shower party signs- is that you don’t need to wait for them to be delivered to you.

Baby Shower Party Printables
Baby Shower Party Printables

All the items on Kate’s Etsy shop are printables- meaning:

Once you purchase them they will appear as a file on your Etsy account- ready to be downloaded and printed at home or at a nearby printshop. Saving you time and money!

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