Handmade Wire Bonsai Tree in a Bottle – Magical Decor ideas

If you’re looking for a uniquely magical gift for someone you love, or a simple buy meaningful home decor item- you’re about to fall in love with this Etsy seller.
Her name is Phoenix, and she’s the owner of EternalByPhoenix Etsy shop, selling magical Bonsai trees in a bottle- made using wires!

These little tokens of appreciation can be purchased as a gift, or an add-on for a gift for someone you care about. You can also get these for your own home- in their different colors. Gold, rose gold, silver, black, and other colors- are available, to create a bonsai wire tree that fits your decor style, or in the favorite colors of the person you’re gifting them to.

They say that if you receive bonsai trees as gifts, fortune would doubly smile on you. (Phoenix)

This sentence is not only magical, but true, as Bonsai trees symbolise peace & good fortune. In many cultures these unique trees are believed to provide the person owning them with good luck, as well as harmony.
So, though they might be small- their impact is big!

Each wire Bonsai tree is placed in a 20ml bottle, with a cork as the lid, and they are simply a nature lovers gift that warms the heart!

To get your own Bonsai Wire tree,
Visit EternalByPhoenix today!

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