Tibetan and Nepali Handmade Artisan Bracelets

If you’re looking for a bracelet that is special, unique, carries out tradition, crafty and that makes people happy- you should really check out UpamaGoods Etsy shop.

UpamaGoods is a shop for Tibetan and Nepali bracelets- made to perfection with a unique tribal style that will look good with anything you wear- and to any occasion! The owner of the shop Eithne and Stefan are from California… However, their travels have lead them to different areas of the globe, seeing first hand what it means to live in a third world country.

From a deep connection to local craft and a desired to help- they thought of a plan…

They got in touch with local artisans in attempts to find the highest quality items, and purchase them for the shop… While doing so- they have made a commitment to not only pay a fair price to these artisans- but also to donate 25% of their earnings to kids in these countries.

We partner with local schools which children are able to attend. We specifically work to assist children living in the slums and streets in obtaining an education. For children living in these conditions, education is seen as one of the only opportunities that could change their lives to rise above the poverty line. 25% of proceeds from your purchase include covering the costs of tuition, school materials, uniforms, meals, and in some cases, boarding for children who would otherwise be living in extremely impoverished conditions.

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