Engraved Wooden Phone Cases With Amazing Designs

If you are looking into upgrading your style- you might as well start with your phone. There are so many phone covers and cases in the market- but most of them kinda look the same. The real special ones are often childish and might give you a laugh- but will make you feel embarrassed next to your boss or workers. For that I found the perfect Etsy store that creates unique, stylish and simply artistic phone cases.

The store is called: Jesse Crystal Designs. Owned by Jesse Crystal from Cardiff, United Kingdom, this store will give you endless options of different cases that make different statements. For you movie geeks there are cases with Harry Potter engravings, or even from Star Wars! The store ships world wide from the UK, and UK residents receive free shipping! All cases are handmade, engraved with unique style, self designed and made from Bamboo/Cherry wood & PCU Plastic.

Phones that you can get cases to: iPhone 4/5/6/6+ Samsung S4/S5/S6/S7.

In the store you could also find other items like prints, phone cases made from plastic, and even tote bags. But let us talk images:

Look at more items from this seller HERE !

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