Chic & Elegant Wedding Templates for Download

The world of wedding planning has expended greatly in the past few years… No doubt due to the wonderful world of online shopping- that allows you to get unique items from all over the world- in a click of a button!

If you’re planning a wedding you’ll need some special stationary-
Your save the date cards, wedding invites & bachelorette party invites.
Unless you have 4,000 guests at your wedding, and in need of that number of invites- having your invites made in a local printing business- will not be worth it!

When making invites, or any type of wedding stationary, most of the money you pay the local print business- will be fore the design! Emails, back and forth, for any change you might need… Money consuming and time consuming!
Instead… Why not try getting the design by yourself?

A super awesome Etsy shop from Vietnam, twoheartsboutique159, is selling wedding templates for save the date cards, wedding invites & bachelorette party invites- and you can fill in your names and date (and any other info) in the comfort of your own browser! Once the graphics are done- you simply take them to a local print shop and save money on the expensive local design! (Or print the files at home and save even more money!)

If you like the templates shown in this post, you’d be happy to know that so many more of them are waiting for you at twoheartsboutique159 Etsy shop…

Click here for the best save the date cards, wedding invites & bachelorette party invites on Etsy!

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