Corners of the lips: How to lift the corners of the lips

corners of the lips

Corners of the lips; for what reason do they go down and nasolabial wrinkles appear, what methods exist today to raise the corners of the mouth and which of them is the most effective. The corners of the lips are one of the most important factors in impressing others and attracting attention. Their position can tell a lot about a person’s mood, state of mind, as well as their age. Women with the corners of their mouths look tired and older, and conversely, with the corners of their mouths up, they look younger and more attractive.

Why are the corners of the lips lowered?

Every woman dreams of being young and attractive for as long as possible. Beauty and youth begin to deteriorate from the first imitation of wrinkles and some appear much earlier even 30 years. Especially nasolabial wrinkles and sloping lips on lips affect the overall experience. They give the face a tired, sad, helpless look and improve the young woman for a few more years. There are many ways to lift the corners of the lips.

It is an opinion that the mouth turns down due to a person’s internal state, his negative attitude towards the world and people, a skeptical attitude or a sad and even depressed state, and perhaps hatred of something. However, this is only partially true.

This view is based on the fact that this is the expression that our face acquires when we experience all these uncomfortable feelings. And often, if the muscles are often tense due to the constant expression of such feelings, the triangular muscle begins to pull the corners of the lips down. Therefore, to avoid this premature change of face, you need to smile more often and relax the muscles around your mouth.

But in general, the frequency of reduced angles is age-related and has a very indirect relationship with mood. With age, the volume of the cheeks decreases and the skin loses density and softness so that it begins to sag a little. These changes are especially noticeable after 35 years. It begins to seem to others that the woman is in grief all the time or very tired.

However, there is an innate form of nasolabial folds. And even a young girl seems to be constantly upset or unhappy with something.

If you look carefully at the appearance of the facial muscles, you will see that the trigone muscle is attached to the sphincter in the mouth and experiences the most stress in these places. Muscles such as the buccal and large zygomatic muscles improve function. Muscles are constantly in motion or static. At first, all this happens uncontrollably and unconsciously, but then we can’t control it anymore, they get used to a certain position. Some are more excited, others – on the contrary, are often not excited, relaxed, and seem to shrink.

How to lift the corners of the lips

Elevated corners of the lips will give the face cheerfulness, and radiance; making the fair sex younger and more attractive. A dull and mysterious smile will appear on your face. Today, there are many ways to lift the corners of the lips, from surgeries and injections to massages and exercises. Depending on the budget and negligence, each lady can choose the appropriate method to solve the problem.

How to lift the corners of the lips with hyaluronic acid

After correcting a seemingly insignificant flaw, the face will change significantly; it will be friendly, sweet, and young. To date, the most effective and safest way to lift mouthwashes is considered to be to fill wrinkles with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid fills the space under the skin, becomes support, and pushes out wrinkles and wrinkles. It is not a foreign substance in the human body, therefore it does not usually cause rejection. And over time, from the action of enzymes, it rots.

The procedure does not take long. Everything happens in less than an hour and a half. To correct the corners of the mouth, drugs of medium density are used, they are usually used for plastic contours. The amount of material required depends on how much the corners are reduced and the quality of the leather. No more than 0.5 ml.

Before the procedure, the areas for future injections are disinfected with an antiseptic, and anesthesia is applied. But it can be done without it. The medicine is then injected at the indicated places. There may be some swelling.

At the end of the procedure, the injection sites are disinfected again and soothing cream is applied.

As with any medical procedure, injections of hyaluronic acid have some contraindications.

 This procedure cannot be performed in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy and lactation;
  • With blood disorders;
  • While you are taking anticoagulants;
  • With inflammation of the area around the mouth;
  • If there are implants in the procedure area;
  • With cancer;
  • If it is an autoimmune disease.

The results of the procedure are usually not long in coming. As soon as the inflammation subsides a little, you can already see small changes. The face becomes more attractive, welcoming, and softer.

As for the effects of the procedure, it usually lasts from six months to a year and a half. It all depends on how concentrated the drug was, its quantity, and whether the patient smokes, according to her simulations.

How to lift the corners of the lips with fillers

Filling the nasolabial folds with fillers is called contouring. Fillers are special injectable preparations that add volume to the places on the body where they are injected.

Biocompatible materials with the human body are used as fillers. Therefore, they are safe, harmless, and have almost no contraindications and negative consequences. In this case, the patient’s collagen and adipose tissue act as fillers, due to their toxicity, and the fact that they are biological elements in the skin, they are used to eliminate this deficiency.

Adipose tissue is taken from various areas of the patient’s skin: thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. After taking the material, it is processed in a special way and liquid. Today, it is this correction method that is considered the safest. As the woman is injected with her own substance, there can be no allergy or rejection. And the result lasts for almost three years.

But at the same time, there is a flaw in this method. Fat cells should “take root”, but how many of them will be able to do this is impossible to know in advance, because to get a good and long-term result, more than one method is usually performed.

Before holding the syringes, the beautician selects the most suitable filler in terms of density and composition for a particular patient. The process of filling the folds in the mouth folds is like lifting the corners with hyaluronic acid. Local anesthesia is usually required.

Not so often and recently, less and less silicone gel is used as filler. This is because it is a medicine that is foreign to the skin; it can cause allergic reactions or even rejection. Treatment of such consequences is difficult and cannot lead to the desired result.

After the procedure, fillers fill wrinkles, they become smoother and less noticeable, the corners are lifted and the result looks as natural as possible. However, the timing of the procedure affects the quality of the result. The sooner you notice the problem and start fixing it, the better and longer the effect will be.

However, there are some contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Cancer diseases;
  • Viral infection around the lips;
  • Blood diseases such as blood clotting.

How to lift the corners of the lips with botox

The use of Botox for cosmetic purposes is one of the most controversial issues. There are as many fans of this method as there are detractors. But despite this, it has been used in the field of cosmetology for more than forty years.

Botox preparation is based on a very strong toxin – botulinum toxin. It can only be used outdoors and in small quantities safely. The effect is based on its ability to relax muscles. This makes the skin smoother and smoother. Botox injections can be compared to plastic surgery, only with less risky consequences.

Just like the above methods, Botox injections have certain contraindications:

  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy;
  • Swelling around the mouth;
  • Viral infections;
  • Endocrine system problems;
  • The period in which antibiotics are taken;
  • Individual intolerance.

The beautician marks the places for future injections; usually, they are a few centimeters above the lower jaw parallel to the muscle. Depending on the degree of neglect of the problem, and the amount of the drug and injections, the procedure takes from a few minutes to half an hour. The thinnest needles are used for this, so they are completely painless, but it can be accompanied by anesthesia.

It is important to maintain an upright position for five hours after injections; otherwise, there will be an asymmetrical face. It may also be necessary to combine the result and make repeated injections.

The procedure itself is not completely safe, after which there may be swelling, numbness, voice disorders, as well as lack of effect due to resistance to the drug.

But its main advantage is that after six months and the final removal of Botox from the body, everything goes back to its original state. So if something doesn’t suit you, you don’t need to do anything further.

corners of the lips
corners of the lips

How to lift the corners of the lips with a corner lift

The most radical method is plastic surgery or corner lifting (lifting the mouth folds). With the help of surgery, doctors remove excess muscle tension as well as excess skin folds.

The operation can be performed both under local anesthesia and under anesthesia. The recovery time is not difficult, it is not accompanied by severe pain and the seams are removed after a few days.

A significant advantage of this particular method is the lasting effect and easy recovery process. But at the same time, it has serious drawbacks, so if the result is not satisfactory, then you have to go back to the operating table, and an unskilled surgeon can cause asymmetric facial changes.

The surgical method to eliminate sloping oral cavities is suitable for patients in the older age group due to possible visible scars and postoperative sutures.

How to lift your lips with exercise

Another method to lift the corners of the lips, which has a lasting effect, is to perform special exercises. The undoubted advantage of this method is that it is available to all women with a budget because it is free, and the ability to perform exercises anywhere and at any time, even at work or during household chores. It also helps not only to lift the corners of the mouth but also to tighten the entire face as a whole, painlessly and safely.

There are a large number of exercises and methods, but the quality of the result does not depend on the selected exercises but on the regularity and consistency of their implementation. Whatever you do, you will see the effect.

Of course, the main and only drawback of this method is the waiting time for the effect, it can take several months, it is important not to stop.

The most effective exercises to lift the corners of the lips:

  • Push the products together as tightly as possible, but do not pursue them. Use the pressure pad of your index finger to raise and lower the corners of your mouth until you feel a burning sensation. Duration – 1 minute. Then relax your lips by blowing through them.
  • Pull your lips apart and make your mouth an oval shape. Press the lower lip to the upper lip and smile in a fixed position with the corners of the lips. The number of repetitions is 80 times.
  • Pucker your lips strongly to pronounce the letter ‘O’. The number of repetitions is 20 times.
  • Squeeze the pencil tightly with the lips and draw geometric shapes – circles, squares, triangles – from left to right and vice versa. Duration – 5 minutes each way. You can switch. Do this several times a day.
  • It is necessary to inhale and exhale in the corners of the mouth and tight teeth and lips. The number of repetitions is 20 times.

These simple exercises will help you tighten your face, lift the corners of your mouth and keep your muscles tight. It is important to do them constantly and several times a day, at least three.

The corners of the lips can be lifted with make-up

If you decide to lift your lips surgically and not by injection. By performing exercises, but you want to look better now, you can correct the flaws with the help of makeup. In fact, the right makeup done professionally can work wonders.

To correct drooping corners of the mouth, when applying foundation to the face, apply a small amount to the edge of the lower lip. Before applying lipstick or gloss, you should draw the natural line of the lips, but do not paint over the corners, but lift them up.

Then the pencil line should be slightly shaded towards the center of the lips and apply gloss or lipstick, preferably with a satin or glossy effect. Also, pay attention to the color – it should be light, natural, and delicate shades. Too colorful and dark colors will only add to imperfections.


Each method has its advantages and disadvantages; you can choose the one that suits you best or combine several. But the choice of an expert for the procedure is very important. Therefore, you cannot save on the choice of salon, clinic, and beautician, but it is best to apply for a recommendation. But the best way is prevention, which means a positive mood, more smiles, regular masks, and exercises to maintain the general tone of the face.

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