Handmade Crochet Jewellery On Etsy


Hey there ladies, I hope you like jewellery cause I got the most amazing pieces for you from this cool Etsy store called: Nakkashe!

Nakkashe is an amazing oriental design Etsy store, shipping handmade jewellery and scarves worldwide from Turkey. You will find there… Everything! Necklaces in all the colours of the rainbow, leg bracelets and even scarves decorated with crochet is amazing colours. The uniqueness of this store, on top of the gorgeous designs, is that any woman, at any age, can find something that she’d fancy. Some of the jewellery items are made with lace thread and other with traditional Turkish oya thread. Making them all that more unique!

Just take a look at some of the amazing designs this store has to offer: (Click on any image to be redirected to Nakkashe Etsy store)


Blue one is defently my favourite of them all! You have over 250 different designs with this seller, truly a store you could go lost in for hours!! On top of that Nakkashe Etsy store has over 264 reviews, and most of them start with the word- WOW! So… What are you still doing here?

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