Modern Glow in the Dark Goal Tracking Bulb

While a lot of people use daily/weekly planners to track their goals, there’s a way to do exactly that- that is a lot more fun!
The special bulb goal tracking system, a unique development by TangiBulb Etsy shop!

This special goal tracker is a beautiful standing bulb of potential light- that will shine brighter as you progress in your way to reaching your goals!  At the beginning of your goal setting- you have the empty bulb, standing there, looking at you, but as you progress towards your goal- the bulb is filled with little colorful balls- that also glow in the dark.

Let’s say you want to make sure you work out daily! You just place the empty bulb and start your routine. Did you work out today? Awesome! Open the tray under the bulb’s stand and take out 1 ball- and place it inside the bulb!

As you progress with your goals- your light bulb will get filled with balls that glow in the dark! The more you follow your goal- the more light your bulb will spread!

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