Mystical Art by Cindi Hardwicke

If you love combining beautiful art in your everyday items- than you must know RedBubble.
RedBubble is a beautiful initiative that allow independent artists to grow their client reach and product availability- by allowing any artist to transfer their art into everyday items like: pillow covers, duvet covers, notebooks, clocks, dresses and more!

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One of these artists is Cindi Hardwicke, and her designs are super special!
Taking her inspiration from the trees of the forests, Cindi always loved everything that’s magical and mystical! When traveling across the woods, Cindi’s son would imagine a magical portal in the woods, and if you enter- you’ll meet mystical creatures. Hiking was an adventure for him… An adventure that Cindi shares in her art work!

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How does this work?

Cindi and her son share a studio in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
They use it to create beautiful art work using clay, glass and other materials- and once it’s done, using photography and computer affects- that art becomes a file.

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The file is uploaded by Cindi to her RedBubble account, and she can apply that picture file of her artwork- to almost any everyday accessory you can think about! (Including iPhone & Samsung covers, tote bags and even stickers!).


See more of Cindi’s work in her RedBubble account, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

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