New Etsy Shop for Unique Warrior Rings

If you got the spirit of a warrior- you must accessorize accordingly!

As I practically live on Etsy, I like to tour around and find new shops to talk about, and I am loving how creative people are becoming!
A new shop by the name of WarriorwithinDesign is truly one of these stores! This store is owned by Matt, and his unique touch make his jewelry designs so cutting edge, warrior inspired, empowering and simply stunning!

These unique rings are meant for women with warrior souls!
Samurai swards, dragons, all wrapped around your finger. Beautiful Celtic rings, made from high quality metals.

So far Matt has shared 3 warrior ring designs on his shop, but i will sure be following to see what more will his creative mind create!

Visit WarriorwithinDesign Etsy shop for more!

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