Organic Jewellery Made From Avocado Seeds

The organic trend is here to stay, and seeing stores like Cosmizi Avocado just makes me HAPPY! This unique Etsy store is like nothing you’ve seen before… Making amazing looking jewellery is something a lot of people can do… But making it out of Avocado seeds is unbelievable! I can honestly say I have NEVER seen anyone as amazing with organic jewellery productions as Dimitrios Nikolaidis, owner of Cosmizi Avocado Etsy store.

There are 6 things I love most about this Etsy store:

1 – All wearable art pieces are fully ecological and vegan friendly!
Making wearable art pieces from Avocado seeds is about as organic as it gets. The production process is vegan, making this a cruelty free Etsy store.

2 – Gift boxes are also organic!
All gift boxes in the Etsy store are handmade from recycled paper.

3 – All jewellery pieces are unique!
No more walking down the street and seeing someone with the same necklace or earrings as you!

4 – With love from Greece!
Seller is located in Greece, but ships his good worldwide. On top of the cool idea of having jewellery from Greece, these jewellery are at a lower price than you would have expected for a handmade organic item made in the USA.

5 – All jewellery are being presented measured!
So you’ll know exactly the size of what you are going to get- no surprises there!

5 – Everything is just so beautiful!
The little details are what matters, and this seller does it well! Just have a look at his store and see for yourselves!

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