Organic Cotton and Jersey Knit- Handmade baby clothes.

By Maya Mey Aroyo on June 4, 2018 Kids & Babies

If you got a little princess or angel at home- you’re going to want to make sure they have the best quality items you could get your hands on! The thing is, that in our day and age, high quality doesn’t always have to come with a high price!

One shop on Etsy by the name of FourLittleButtons is selling high quality organic cotton clothes for babies- boys and girls alike. And on top of being made from organic cotton (possibly the best fabric for your child) the designs are also- super cute! Designed by Penelope, the shop owner of FourLittleButtons, these clothes were made from experience!

As a mom of 5 (ranging from 9months to 9yrs old)- this unique designer has all the knowledge she needs about HOW to dress a child and with WHAT!

Her unique organic cotton and Jersey Knit dresses, bloomers and rompers– are simply too good to pass on- and if you want to get your child a useful, stylish and healthy clothing item- you can’t go wrong with FourLittleButtons.

If you like this style- get social with Penelope and follow her around (On social media- not in real life:))

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Visit FourLittleButtons Etsy boutique for more!

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