Psychedelic Leggings & Unique Wearable Art

I love seeing art come to life and used in everyday items!
I keep writing here about useful art, about photographers taking their photos and making everyday items out of them, like tanks, cups and pillow casings… But there’s so much more to art than photography.

The art of patterns

It seems like the whole world has been obsessing over patterns in the past couple of years. Everyday a new app pops up with mandala coloring pages and pattern making, and the mandala and the art of placing shapes and colors have become an insuperable part of our lives.
Keepign this in mind, I knew that if I search deep enough into Etsy, the online shopping market for handmade goods, I will find someone that makes awesome everyday items that are made out of patterns. And I have!

NoirMarket, an Etsy store based in Georgia, USA, has caught my eye with their unique leggings collection… Patterns over patterns of different colors and beautiful color-combos. I mean.. Just see for yourselves:

All of NoirMarket’s leggings are made in the USA and have the best quality you could ask for in a pair of leggings! Their design is definitely a dominant one, and they are recommended to wear with a one color tshirt or tank top, black or white colors would fit best.

As much as these leggings might seem great for fitness to you gals, they are not only great for that! On top of being excellent for jogging or yoga practice, combining these leggings with high heels would create an instant classy look for a night out or for a shopping day with your friends:

Custom Ankara Outfit

This beautiful Psychedelic fashion show isn’t over yet!
on top of these beautiful mandala/patterned leggings, this Etsy store also makes Custom Ankara Outfit… Great for your man, and even for you, for a spiritual trip or just for your daily routine.
These special outfits are custom made, meaning- you’ll be sending Esi, the store owner, your measurements when you order- and the outfit would be made especially for you!

For more inspirational and meaningful art-fashion visit
NoirMarket’s Etsy store!

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