Stroller: How to choose a stroller for a newborn?

Stroller for a newborn

Stroller; how do you choose correctly? Every parent hesitates to select a stroller to be comfortable for the child and its use. What details should you pay attention to when buying a trailer? Read this article. If your first child is due soon, you’ve probably already thought about what kind of Stroller to buy. Of course, it is tough to make the first choice without knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of a specific type of trailer. Sellers can advise what is more expensive, but you can only choose a stroller that suits you. Our article will help you make this difficult choice.

Before choosing a new stroller, I didn’t even think about a few questions that could help me choose in favor of this or that Stroller. Then:

Availability of an elevator

Some strollers can only fit in the lift if it has a folding handle, and some won’t fit at all. Can you trust someone to carry your Stroller? In this case, pay attention to the Stroller’s weight, considering the child’s importance. As for the weight in summer it is 4-4, 5 kg, in winter-10-19 kg. It all depends on the material and equipment of the Stroller: cross-handling handle, solid rubber wheels, and a “winter” box.

Then it can be worth choosing light strollers with a folding handle. It will take up very little space, and you will be able to transport it on public transport without any problems. It will be beneficial when the baby learns to walk. A small stroller will significantly save space in the apartment and will be a “help” until the child is two years old.

 Earth and wheels 

For bumpy roads, strollers with big wheels are great. Strollers on small wheels break down quickly even after long walks on the asphalt, especially since they are cumbersome, immobile, and noisy on the move. Strollers with big wheels are much more practical.

Some also claim that inflatable strollers have incredible buoyancy. But you should consider that if the bike is punctured, you can pump it yourself. Prams on cast wheels do not require pumping, and punctures are not so terrible for them.

Time of year and birth of the child

If the baby is born in winter, choose “strong” strollers with durable materials that can protect against strong winds. Such a newborn baby should have high sides and a flat bottom body. Do you remember the strollers we had as a child? These are the ones who have served faithfully for many, many years. The radius of the wheels of such wheelchairs must be at least 30 centimeters; they can also be cast. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the easier it will be to overcome potholes and bumps. The ride will be smoother, and the Stroller will wear less.

Stroller for a newborn
Stroller for a newborn

When buying a stroller, also pay attention to the following details:

  • Stroller for mobile phones, toys, and other small items.
  • The moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly material that the cart is made of.
  • Removable covers for easy machine washing.
  • Rear leg rest for an older child.
  • A sturdy and spacious shopping basket is installed at the bottom of the cart.
  • Comfortable, squeak-free rocker handle.
  • Five-point seat belt.
  • A stroller with a car seat allows you to save on purchasing a special car seat.
  • Thoughtful information about the Stroller.
  • A bag with fasteners allows you to attach it to the Stroller itself conveniently.

We hope these tips will help you choose the right Stroller to use for a long time and with comfort!


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