Tam & The Secret Gems of Southeast Asia

Tam & The Secret Gems

If you know me than you know that a big part of my life is in in a different continent. Meet with the Tam & The Secret Gems of Southeast Asia.
My romance with Thailand started back in 2011, and it never ended… While I was celebrating the last NYE in Chiang Mai, I couldn’t help but falling in love with local culture and shopping markets. There are simply so many talented people in Thailand, and specifically in Chiang Mai, and they are what make this city so magical.

Maybe that’s why I was searching for interesting Etsy stores in Chiang Mai yesterday. Just wanted to get that tingly feeling inside, the one I used to get when I was strolling in the local markets. And I found it!

Jewelry items, stones, gems and more

Thai people know how to create amazing jewelry accessories, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit GoldenTriangleJade Etsy store… A beautiful jewelry boutique operating from the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Owned by a woman named Tam, this store is so unique that I simply have to show you the items for you to see (words are not enough) :

With over 330 different items- this seller is not stopping and always able to provide you with unique jewelry items that are delivered worldwide! This store’s unique style surly shines through- and that’s due to the high quality materials that each item is made of.
The owners of this Etsy store travel often in Asia searching for the best materials for their jewelry collection, and make them in their beautiful studio in Chiang Mai!  This store is also great for people with DIY projects as their pendant collection is quite extensive.

Like what you see? WE UNDERSTAND WHY! I mean, these items from Tam’s Etsy store are simply amazing! The thing is… That most of these items are one of a kind!

Tam & The Secret Gems
Tam & The Secret Gems

So make sure to drop by GoldenTriangleJade Etsy store before some other woman steals your favorite jewels!

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