My Love For The East

My Love For The East

Another week has started, a week of hard work, content writing and clients… And as much as I love my business, there are like a million places I wish I could go now. Some of the places are places that I’ve been before, other places are places I have never been before.

My life as a traveller took me to the best places…

My first ever trip abroad was about 7 years ago. I got on a plane, all by my lonesome, and travelled to one of the most beautiful countries in the world- Singapore. Though Singapore is relatively a small country, the tourism count is about a million visitors a month. Business is booming there, and the mix of all the different kinds of people got me enchanted.

It’s not just the tourist vibe and markets that I loved in Singapore. Going to Asia for the first time is an experience that cannot be explained in words. The freedom, the feeling of love everywhere you go, the colours and the smells- all of those simply create the best feeling ever.

Then came Bangkok.

Bangkok took 6 months out of my life… And a huge chunk of my heart. When visiting Asia and the far east, we often find ourselves surrounded by tourists. That alone is not a bad thing… Being in a tourist-friendly environment, where people speak English and you have access to tour guides and hostels is amazing… When you are travelling.

Bangkok was my home. I spent my time amongst the locals, learning the culture and the language, enjoying local foods and atmosphere. I fell in love.

I fell in love with my new home:

With the local culture:

With the new foods and local markets:

And a bit with myself when I was there:

Europe was amazing too…

Don’t get me wrong, Asia is not the only travel desire I had in my heart. My time in Finland was amazing, Christmas shopping in Berlin was an awesome experience, and Zurich and Brussels’s tourist sites took my breath away… But for me- the east always felt like home.

Years after I hung my traveller bag and decided to settle down back in my home country and get “a real job”, I found myself travelling to Macau for the IFX-Expo. Being a guest at the Venetian  Hotel was an amazing experience, especially when it’s All-Expenses-Paid by my boss.

That feeling I missed something…

Just hit me as I was looking at all of my pictures from Macau and realised that my business trip was only business and no pleasure, as I never left the hotel the whole time I was in China. I started searching the web for pictures of China, Macau and Hong Kong. Though most people find that edited scenery images reflect the countries they never visited before, i know better than that. I searched the web for REAL images of city life in Hong Kong… And I found exactly what I was looking for

My Love For The East
My Love For The East

Pomelo Rice

Pomelo Rice is a cool Etsy store of an amazing photographer selling deep cultural prints and shipping them from… Hong Kong!! You can find cool greeting cards, personalized gift and birthday cards, and much more when you visit Pomelo Rice’s Etsy store. Amongst all of the beautiful creations there I found this handmade print of Hong Kong that made me wish I would have expanded my business trip January 2 years ago… Just see for yourselves and tell me- don’t you just wanna be there?

If you have pictures from the far east, in your Instagram account or Etsy store- please comment them in the comment section below- I would love to see them!

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