Wood Brim Hats Etsy Store

Every Etsy store has 2 things- a product and a story. That’s why i find Etsy to be so fascinating. Wood Brim Hats Etsy store is a good example to that- a store with a unique product and an honest story behind it.

The Product:

WoodBrimHats Etsy store is dedicated completely to selling handmade wooden etched brim snapbacks. It’s like the old and reliable baseball caps- but better. It’s a hat that comes with a statement, gives you a solid connection- and never loses it’s shape. Here are some pictures from Wood Brim Hats store, displaying a unique and skilled hand in making these wooden wonders:

The Story:

The story makes the store… And this store is a small (and hopefully growing) business. Store owner, Kelly Fossett, decided to combine his passion for style and design with laser etching and that resulted in these unique wood brim hats you see here. Unlike most men who simply buy a cool-looking cap and wear it when the sun comes out, Kelly found hats to be his fav accessory and he has been wearing hats his whole life. His dream was a clear one– to be able to make hats that are more conversational, with more attitude and soul… Hats with personality- premium hats!
All of the hats in Kelly’s Etsy store are one of kind, custom designed, and hand manufactured.

Wood Brim Hats Etsy Store
Wood Brim Hats Etsy Store

So, if you’re looking for something more SPECIAL to give a loved one- visit Kelly’s Etsy store, you might find what you were looking for.

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