15+ Cute Bullet Journal Ideas from Instagram


The art of bullet journaling has so many purposes! It’s a great way to be artistic, while managing your monthly, weekly and daily schedules. Now, a lot of people in the past few weeks are experiencing a “loss of time”, not knowing what day it is, getting lost in a routine of Netflix & Stress, and even though it might seem like you have nothing to bullet journal about- you do ! Bullet your emotions, share your feelings, and schedule your life as much as you can to stay sane in these times! Bullet journal a weekly schedule of fitness & healthy eating! Mark the days you left the house for a walk, as short as it may be. And most and foremost- stay creative ! To get your creative bullet journaling thoughts running, check out these 15+ cute bullet journal ideas we found on Instagram! Follow these profiles to get more bullet journal inspiration in your everyday feed! (Hey, they’re better than coronavirus updates!)

Ready to get started?

15+ Cute Bullet Journal Ideas from Instagram:

#1 Bullet Journal Ideas- monthly theme page

Make every month in it’s own unique color scheme and style, and arrange those ideas on a bullet journal monthly themes page just like Well.Thats.Sketchy did :

#2 – Use inspiring photos in your bullet journal weekly spread

Using photos of sky, ocean, freedom and blue- are a great way to bring optimism into your like and weekly spread in these crazy times… Check out just how much blue photos add to a weekly bullet journal spread- made by YikesJournal

#3 – Create positive text art in your bullet journal

Foresake the weekly planner for a page or two, and create a lovely page that is all about making positive words look gorgeous! This unique page was made by Oh_lala_art and it’s simply stunning!

#4 – Cute bullet journal idea- hot air balloon!

Use elements of freedom and happiness as the centre of your bullet journal weekly spread, just like this amazing weekly spread by Bujo_from_finland that centered the weekly spread around a hot air balloon:

#5 – Cute Bullet journal ideas – a books to read page

Take advantage of the free quarantine time you have to cuddle with a good book, or 10.
Create a book to read journal page in your bullet journal, just like Kimuran10000 did, and fill in the books as you read them!

#6 – Dream of what you’ll do after the crisis is over!

This cute bullet journal idea by _noc.bujo_ will give you a chance to get creative, artistingly writing down the places you want to see in the world once quarantine is over!

#7 – Create a tree mood tracker page

Studeyera made this beautiful mood tracker page, surely one of the cutest bullet journal ideas we’ve seen… You make a page filled with tree-stems, and add your mood at the end of the day- coloring the tree based on the day you’ve had.

#8 – Weekly spread with a GOAL

Nike.from.oct made a beautiful and simple bullet journal weekly spread that is easy to create, and can be quite helpful during these times. Giving each day an even slot (as they are all the same, right?) and starting the week with a box for your weekly goal!

#9 – Add rainbows!

Na.creativebubble has made the most cute bullet journal April spread- by coloring it in rainbow colors and adding rainbow drawings! A wonderful way to keep your bullet journal spread optimistic!

#10 – Play with date designs

Artleih made this beautiful bullet journal photo of different ways to display dates on your bullet journal weekly spreads! You can take ideas from this photo, or create your own main date page- and look at it everytime you’re starting a new bullet journal weekly spread!

#11 – Self affirmation during quarantine

nanajournal made this amazing self-affirmation page, You are doing just FINE! An important self affirmation to draw in your bullet journal- to remind yourself that this quarantine will not be your downfall!

#12 – Make your weekly spread come to life !

While you might notice that everyday we do a little less, that just means you can use more of the weekly spread pages for art! Add fish patterns on both sides to make sure your days aren’t looking as emopty as they feel… A great design by Cynthiabujo

#13 – Bullet in your playlist

Another cute bullet journal idea from _noc.bujo_ is this sweet playlist bullet journal page- to write in the songs you’re currently listening to:

#14 – Track mood by height

A lot of bullet journal lovers don’t like tracking mood by using differing colros, and that’s why we love this April mood tracker made by Jessicahandletters – it’s made so that every day you feel better you draw taller candle, while everyday you feel sadder- the candle is lower:

#15 – Cute bullet journal daily schedule page idea

Tinted.inks created this lovely bullet journal daily planner page, with a daily schedule befitting these times of quarantine!
Not doing much with your day? Keep it short and sweet, and draw your environment or something you saw below the schedule!

#16 – Use more space for gratefulness

Got less to do and more time to think ? Create smaller slots for your daily planning, and leave half your bullet journal weekly spread for writing down what you are grateful for ! Made by Hippothai83diary:

#17 – Create a “monster” habit tracker page

Sayyobilly made this amazing bullet journal spread page for tracking various habits in one month! Drawing each month again and again, and filling in the habits you want to track!

#18 – Just lay it all out there!

_mong_mo shred this beautiful bullet journal page with very little art or scheduling, and a lot of text. It’s ok to just sit in and write your feelings, your feelings need space!

Loved these ideas but don’t have a bullet journal to place them in?

There are so many places online to order yourself a bullet journal, if the shops in your area are closed, But, if you have a printer at home, you can simply order & download the bullet journal page bundle from The Greeting Owl Etsy shop!
These are unique A4 pages you can print in your home printer, filled with bullet-dots in different colors, and with 4 empty weekly planner pages:

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