47 Hours Left For The Big 30% Ruby Lane Jewelry Sale

After the holidays is right now- and we are forced to live a simple life online, and don’t have the luxury of end of the year / Christmas sales in every corner…

However, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, stores that deal with LOVE gifts- are offering amazing deals on a limited time base!
One of these stores is Ruby Lane- offering a 30% discount, for the next 47 hours and 30 minutes, on over 200 jewelry pieces in their online bling-haven!

If you enter their store you’ll see the sign on the top- one click and you’ll see all of the jewelry items that are now discounted and cost only 70% of their usual price! (If you can’t find that sign- click HERE).

Here are some of the amazing items that are currently on 30% discount on RubyLane:

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Ruby Lane also sells antiques, fine art pieces, porcelain and more! Visit the store, or follow them on Instagram to learn more!

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