Altered Couture by Susanne Elle

I think most of us have seen that moment where a mother alters her daughter’s dress, and take it from old to new in a manner of hours. We might have seen it on TV, or witnessed it first hand when our mother changed a dress or a bag for us… It’s a known factor- and it is one that some people have learned to make an art from.


Susanne Elle, owner of SuElles Etsy store, is a wonderful collector and crafts woman. Unlike most of the fashion and accessories sellers on Etsy, Susanne doesn’t make her items from “scratch”… She alters them!

Taking vintage accessories and fashion items and adding lace, edges, fabric, and patterns to them- she turns them into something truly one of a kind. Taking that piece of time and adding a new factor in it results in a fashionable item that only one person will be able to enjoy- the buyer.

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