Beautiful Flats & Classy Heels from Cape Town, South Africa


One of the things I love the most about Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, is that we get this chance to “go into a mall” that has items from all over the world! So many cultures together, so may different crafting techniques, inspirations and products… And practically everything!!

One of my super rare finds today is a shop by the name of MatsidisoSA, owned by Jinae Heyns and operated from Cape Town, South Africa.
In her shop, Jinae is displaying sweet talent and incredible taste with her collection of flat shoes and firm classy heels! Her flats look super comfortable, with a unique signature look, and her heels even look comfortable- with a heel-shape that is just about the right size to make an impression- while feeling comfortable walking and standing!

Here are some of my personal favorite items from Jinae shoe shop:

If you like this style- go ahead and follow Jinae and her shop on social media! That way you’ll be able to be the first to hear about a sale or promotion, or even see new designs as she uploads them to her shop!

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Visit MatsidisoSA Etsy shop for more!

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