Beni Ourain Rugs on Christmas Sale- 30% off!

At this time of year there is only one thing I can think about… Shopping!!
The stores all around the world, online and off, in any country- are have=ing amazing sales with percentages off, special bulk discounts- and a general generosity we don’t see all year long.

In honor of my sale-passion I decided to find a unique Etsy shop that offers at least 20% off this Christmas… And I found it! The shop is called Beniourainlovers, and they don’t offer 20% off for Christmas…They offer 30% off!!

The shop Beniourainlovers is a unique place to find special handwoven Beni Ourain rugs.
Beni Ourain is a group of tribes from the Middle Atlas known for neutral rugs, which traditionally used un-dyed wool. Their unique rugs have gotten them rather famous, as their designs are flawless, unique in their simplicity, as well as heating and cozy (that’s why for centuries people also used them as covers and blankets, and not just rugs).

This shop is a work of magic- high quality Beni Ourain rugs, with tools and wool that are 100% from the Atlas region. As well as a hefty 15% donation that store makes for every sold item, to the Berber community and rural areas.

If you like this kind of style and would like to see more of these beautiful designs-
feel free to follow Beniourainlovers Etsy shop on Instagram!
Their page there is the best way to hear about new designs as well as potential sales.

With that in mind- don’t forget Beniourainlovers’s current sale
of 30% OFF everything on their Etsy shop!

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