Best Gift Idea Ever

Best Gift Idea Ever

Well, the “Best Gift Idea Ever” is not a post about a specific gift I have found online, but more like a post about a store- carrying that exact same name! Now Learn the Best Gift Idea Ever.
At first, I thought it was a bit pretentious of someone to name their work the BEST, however, much like QUEEN singing “we will rock you”- so did this store lives up to it’s name and claims!

Founded in 2009, Best Gift Idea Ever (or: BGIE) has had glorious years making personalized letter art- an art that brings a since of vintage to any home, by decorating walls with letters and phrases of importance. As a group of photographers, the people behind BGIE find their inspiration all around them as they take photos of objects that look like letters of the alphabet. If you have any word in mind- simply spell it for them and they shall create a true art piece for you!

After having a successful business online with their website, BGIE has opened their Etsy store about a year and a half ago- expanding their cliental even further.
What I love about this store is the fact that although the craft is handmade- the store is more than just one person sitting in their back room dreaming of a business- it’s an actual business- one you can rely on better than any one-man show.

As the spelling is in your hands- their gifts are simply perfect for any occasion:
You can spell your love’s first name for their birthday, have the word MOTHER made perfect for the next Mother’s day- or even help a happy couple celebrate their wedding day with a unique gift of LOVE.

BGIE has a well maintained Pinterest page- pinning away real photos of real people holding their unique gifts in hand (and sometimes even in both hands- as they could be made to be HUGE!).
In their Instagram you could also find inspiration for your next gift, much like this nifty sign made for a team’s coach as a gift for a good year of sports:

Very recently- BGIE has started expending their work, as they have announced in their ETSY store that they are now making Laser Engraved Jewelry pieces as well. I have searched amongst their 50+ items to find these 3 lovely earrings I loved the most:

Best Gift Idea Ever
Best Gift Idea Ever

Make sure to check out their Etsy store for more items!

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