Bohemian Inspired Handmade Yoga Jewelry

Bohemian Inspired Handmade Yoga Jewelry

Monica, one of the most esteemed and loved sellers on Etsy, is selling Boho jewelry items that she had made herself inspired by the calm feeling and energetic vibe of living a happy life, practicing Yoga, and feeling complete. Introducing the Bohemian Inspired Handmade Yoga Jewelry.

Her items are the kind of accessories you’d place on yourself as a statement to the world, one that says: I have taken control of my destiny and chose to enjoy life and what it offers.

With over 2500 sales, Monica has a huge variety of jewelry items and accessories in her Etsy store – BohemianTreasureSHOP.
She offers simple mala bracelets and tassel necklaces as well as beautiful bohemian handmade dreamcatchers.

The Women Team approached Monica and asked her about her store, why she started it and why does she think her store became so successful…

Bohemian Treasure was born from my desire to create natural pieces with a mystical touch. Amazed by the healing properties of the natural gemstones, I love to make malas and other bohemian jewelry & crafts. Each piece is made with great care and lots of love. I believe in that everything is, in a sense, energy. In my free time I combine yoga, adventures and family life. Making and knotting malas is a beautiful and very relaxing process, a kind of meditation for me.

I am very happy I found Etsy, which is an amazing place for handmade lovers and I’m so glad I can share my treasures with people all around the world.


Monica is indeed right- some stones have these amazing and unexplained powers- to keep you centered, calm- to help you focus and heal. These are exactly the stones you need to have on you when practicing this sport of both body and soul- Yoga.

The store is built for everyone, at any age, that needs any amount of jewelry items.
Monica has placed all of her items (over 230) in categories for easy finding- and made sure to create separate categories for wholesale deals and items that are currently under clearance sale and are 50% off!

Here are some of my personal favorite items from Monica’s store:

If you love this style and think one of Monica’s items might fit you or someone you love- go ahead and visit her store today! You could also try following her on Instagram or liking the store’s Facebook page to make sure you are always informed of deals, possible giveaways and new designs.

Bohemian Inspired Handmade Yoga Jewelry
Bohemian Inspired Handmade Yoga Jewelry


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