Custom Handmade 100% Recycled Art & Tiki Signs

I found a really cool shop on Etsy that sells Tiki sign sets of 3, 5, 10, 15, and 12 (and many more options), so you can easily set up one of those cool “How far am I from…” sign in your backyard!

Tiki signs are the most awesome travel-conscious decorative items you can have in your yard and home, making sure your home is “on the map” as well as feeling worldly! You could mark the distance from your home to any big city in the world- choosing the cities you want for the signs!

Let’s say you live in Canada and have family in Germany, California, Hawaii and Thailand! You can mark the distance from your home to their’s with these awesome Tiki signs!

The best pace to get custom Tiki signs is on Etsy, in a small privately owned boutique by the name of FloridaTikiDecor.
The shop, owned by Marion Speake, a professional traveler and good soul, only uses high quality materials in her signs- and can also sell you the bamboo tiki sign pole to place your signs on!

One buyer actually left an image in his review, sharing with all of us how he used his custom made Tiki signs- and we love it!!!

Visit Marion Speake’s shop FloridaTikiDecor for more!

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