Deep Dive Threads- An Etsy Store With A Cause

I often write here about cool and amazing Etsy stores I find online. Some I find cool cause of their variety and speciality, others I love the story that’s behind them… But when I saw Deep Dive Threads for the first time, I was in awe. In the last couple of months I lost 2 people close to me due to cancer, and when I saw that this Etsy store sells Fight Cancer t-shirts and use 50% of the profit to donate to cancer research- I knew I had to write about them.

The Deep Dive Threads Etsy Store

Selling online shirts wasn’t the agenda of this Etsy seller when designing their very first t-shirt. The store was a by product of someone who simply wanted to wear creative and unique t-shirts and couldn’t find anything special enough online or at local shops. In the sellers own words, this was the store’s agenda:

The idea for the designs came out of a lack of “creativity” in the graphic apparel world. Not all people want to wear a picture of a comic book character or harry potter on their shirt.

The store’s name Deep Dive Threads came from “deep diving” into a certain topic, in this case the store’s unique t-shirt designs. If you like a certain movie or character you can get the official t-shirts, or get something that was inspired by them and created an art, a way of self expression. Something more unique.

The store ships worldwide from the United States, and here are a few of the other t-shirt designs you could find there:

After watching the Deadpool movie recently- I have to say the the “LOVE” Deadpool inspired t-shirt is my ultimate favourite! (No offense to the dear Agent Carter..)

And Going Back To The Spirit Of Giving

The Fight Cancer t-shirt sales are divided into half… As the seller keeps only 50% of the profit and donates the remaining 50% to research for a cure for Cancer. The t-shirt’s graphics were created with the movie Fight Club in mind, and was designed in the colours of the international cancer battle and was added with the fight cancer symbol.

If that’s not a store with a cause- I don’t know what is! Click on any image to see more amazing designs or simply click HERE!

Cheers to you Deep Dive Threads, you made my day!

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