Discover the Diverse Rich styles of Africa- one fabric at a time!

If you’re looking to add something unique to your home, if you have a small sewing hobby, or if you’re a professional seamstress- this next Etsy shop will make your day!
FabricsAfrica Etsy shop, located in the UK, is making it available for people worldwide to enjoy the extremely unique textures and styles of African fabrics- all with a click of a button !

In this shop you’ll be able to find unique African fabrics, as well as historic textiles, for your sewing projects or home decor.
I can see how these amazing fabrics can be used to make fabric necklaces African style, make beautiful dresses and shawls, or even just placed on the table in their natural form- giving your dining room table or living room coffee table- a whole new vibe!

If you look at FabricsAfrica Etsy shop, you’ll see that most of the fabrics there have this glare to them, this special effect on their print. This special effect is due to the nature of the fabric- printed with African wax! Making it one of a kind in every single meter!

If you want to know more about these unique fabrics-
visit FabricsAfrica Etsy shop

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