DIY Printables for Events & Paper Party Supplies

There are several things that truly make a party great… But they’re not as big as you might think. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a party, and even thousands on a big event, but people won’t remember that. They might not even remember the fancy place you hired, or the expensive food… But they will remember the little things-

The invitations, the cupcake toppers, the simplest craft work confetties, and basically- anything that was personalized with your name on it.

For that purpose I am proud to present Dimenchon’s Designs! Owned by Karla Bester, this store is a one stop shop for everything your party or event will need! On one hand you got all the goodies- the perfect confetti, the most unique cupcake toppers and more.

On the other hand you got a amazing collection of customizable digital files for you to use for your party/event!

Photos above were taken by Karla’s happy customers

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