Fashionable Accessories- for you and your home

There are two types of Etsy stores- ones that focus on a product, and ones that focus on a vibe.
Stores that focus on a single product, let’s say pillow covers, will give you that one idea in many colors, shapes and sizes. But… The best shopping experience comes from the other type of stores… The ones where the seller really found a lot of items that create this vibe… Like WovenTrends!

In WovenTrends you’ll be able to find so many different items, but all are in the same concept of being trendy, fashionable and so cute!
Currently running a lovely sale on most of their products, WovenTrends offer you beautiful make up bags, sweet mermaid tail makeup brushes, antique/vintage home decor items, bracelets, golden earrings and more!

Since the items on WovenTrends Etsy shop are one of a kind- if you liked something- don’t wait too long to get it! Prices are low- since it’s a great place to get outlet items online! (haven’t found what you’re looking for on their Etsy shop? Try WovenTrends official website!)

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