Fun & Flirty Earrings from Ireland!

I think that one of the reasons I love Etsy the most is cause you could order amazing accessories from practically anywhere! Paris, London, New York- and even Dublin!

The beautiful and light style of Dublin shine’s through an Etsy store called The Flirty Lobe– and the earring designs you’ll find there are the ‘flirtiest’ you’ll ever see!
Fun, light, bright and simple- made to make you feel happier and more positive- that exact feeling you need if you want to get some flirting done today!

The Flirty Lobe earrings collection is great for the day to day look, with some items that could also be used to match a formal outfit!

If you look through the store’s items list- you’ll see “only” 17 items… That’s because- every listing is, in many cases, for more than one item!
As The Flirty Lobe made sure you could have the exact earrings you want to wear- they have made several items available in multipole variations!

If you like this style here are 2 things you can do:
Follow this sweet Irish store on Instagram– and get to see more of these awesome earrings as new models arrive!

Or simply visit the store on Etsy and favorite it to always see new product and sale updates!

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