Gourmet Brigadeiros, Artisan Chocolates & Party Favors

If you’re hosting a party or a wedding soon (or if you simply have a very picky sweet tooth) you need to meet Cristiane Lell.

Cristiane has a mission! She wants every person in the US to have access to the wonderfully delicious brigadeiros she’s making from her home in Pennsylvania & selling in her Etsy shop- CrissysCraftyCandies.

In her store you’ll be able to find amazing chocolate favors that will make any event a success, and not only will you find your FAVORS here at Cristiane’s shop, you might also find some cool boxes and wrappers for the rest of your party design and guests’ presents and favor boxes.

Cristiane talks about her store and about her passion for Brigadeiros in her about us section:

Like any other Brazilian; I grew up eating brigadeiros. When you’re a kid in Brazil you know that Brigadeiros are the special time at parties, especially at weddings and birthday parties. It is because the wedding or birthday cake is not complete without Brigadeiros. As soon as the birthday song is sung, toasts are made and the cake is cut, every kid and person in the room knows brigadeiro time has begun.

In a blink of an eye, all of them are gone. For Brazilians, Brigadeiro is not just a candy, it’s what brings people together. The preparation of this little piece of joy is completely handcrafted. When you’re going to make a big amount of brigadeiros, it’s quite normal to call friends or relatives for help.

I was raised around a table helping to prepare brigadeiros and other fine candies with my mom and friends. That practice strengthened my passion for cooking.

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