Hand Painted Polymer Clay Jewelry from Canada

There are 3 types of handmade polymer clay jewelry sellers online:
People who purchase painted and designed polymer clay beads and use them to create jewelry, people who purchase baked polymer clay beads, paint on them and then place them on chains and metals to create a jewelry piece, and people who do the whole process on their own.

Sacha is one of those people.

Living in Halifax, Canda, Sacha has a unique talent to create statement jewelry, and her bread and butter- is polymer clay. Envisioning the design in her mind, Sacha creates the shape of the beads she needs, and after they are made- she hand paints them to perfection. Making her polymer clay jewelry 100% handmade.

Her jewelry pieces are available in her Etsy shop SassySachaJewelry, and they truly are sassy!!
Bold statements, large beads, and full on polymer clay jewelry sets- with vibrant colors and different styles- making it easy for you to find something you like!

You can purchase different polymer clay jewelry on Sacha’s shop, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more… But the true value and style she can offer you is in her polymer clay jewelry sets.

If you feel a sense of nautical inspiration in Sacha’s pieces, you are spot on!

I have always loved creating beautiful things. I was born in raised in small community in Newfoundland, Canada and from a young age I longed to see the world. This lead me into an exciting career in the Marine Industry where I sailed as a Navigation Officer for one of the largest cruise ship companies.
After settling in a shore-based job in Nova Scotia, I f had the ability and space to spend time on my craft. All of my creations are influenced by the beauty of the places I have seen in my travels.

(Sacha says in her shop).

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