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I really love throw pillows… some might say I have an obsession for them! I can go on all day looking at throw pillow designs on Redbubble, Society6 and even Etsy. But… It gets boring sometimes- as they are all made from the same fabric really…

Or so I thought!

I came across OhLittleSeed today and I LOVE their throw pillows!! Not another graphically designed pillow cover- but an actual handmade pillow casing- from mud cloth!

This unique cloth is handmade in India, and the tea the shop has there are applying the Hand Block print technique on the fabrics to create the patterns you see here:

These unique mudcloth pillows are an amazing addition to any home, modern or “shanti”… And they’re not the only thing you’ll be able to find on OhLittleSeed Etsy shop.
Although the shop is new, and there are very few items at the moment, you’d be surprised to find that on top of these mudcloth pillows there is also a beautiful Bohemian Handwoven Wall Hanging item, and a tribal throw blanket that is geo-printed.

For those of you who want to get some of OhLittleSeed’s brightness and optimism on a regular basis- I advise following them on Instagram!! Their page is filled with beautiful photos of their mudcloth pillows and how much they make everything look better

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