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Make Cocktails Like A Pro!

Make Cocktails Like A Pro!

Do you really want to be one of these cool girls that know how to make the most amazing cocktails? Well, hell ya! So, we got a few interesting and very interactive cocktails instructions for you. All of the cocktails have an image that summarize how to make them so you can easily PIN them to your Pinterest board and always have access to them! Let’s get started?

How to make a Bloody Mary?

Well, making a Bloody Mary cocktail is actually very simple! This Vodka based cocktail requires: Tomato juice, black pepper, salt, celery and ice. Oh- and Vodka of course!

How to make the best Mojito?

Well, after drinking regular mojitos, banana mojitos, watermelon mojitos and grapefruit mojitos, I came to the conclusion that mojito is best made with… Strawberries! This rum based cocktail will require a simple rum, with light flavour, strawberry syrup, pieces of lime and strawberries, soda water, mint and ice.

What amazing cocktail can I make with RUM?

Well, if you are a rum person (or your man is), you are going to love Bahama Mama cocktail. This cocktail is easy to make as long as you have all the ingredients. You are going to need 3 types of rum: dark, light and coconut rum. Add 3 types of juices: orange, lemon and pineapple, a bit of decoration and ice.

Making the Blue Lagoon cocktail

Blue Lagoon is basically vodka mixed with blue Curaçao. You can add lemon juice and lemonade in order to balance the flavour and add a touch of green to it, and you can also make it with Tequila.

How to make a Cosmopolitan?

One of the most famous cocktails of all times is the COSMO. The sugar rim on top gives it a girly vibe, along with it’s red colour. For a successful cosmopolitan cocktail you’ll need good vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and a lemon twist. Simple, right?

The Kamikaze

Often referred to as the Yellow Cosmopolitan, the Kamikaze is a vodka based cocktail with triple sec and lime juice. No fancy sh!t with this one, just the simple lemon segment on top of a nice cocktail glass.

How to make a Screwdriver cocktail?

The Screwdriver is basically a sweeter version of the sour-vodka cocktail. You’ll need a good vodka to mix with fresh orange juice. And orange segment on top would be a nice addition, as well as 2 cubes of ice.

Make Cocktails Like A Pro!
Make Cocktails Like A Pro!

If you don’t always have ingredients around for an amazing cocktail, you can try upgrading your drinking experience with nice shot glasses.

The best shot glasses I found online were found on Etsy. A store called HimalayaSpirit is selling handmade shot glasses carved from pink Himalayan salt. These shot glasses will increase the saltiness of any alcoholic substance in them. Perfect for a crazy Tequila night, and will give you a unique experience of having a shot that feels like a cocktail. You can trust me that having these glasses at home will make everyone think you’re an alcohol-pro! (Plus, they are so pretty!) If you like to purchase them simply click on the image:

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