Handmade Lux Sandals from Thessaloniki, Greece!

Sometimes when I search for things on Etsy I like to search by country- and not by product. I have found that i especially love shops from Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus.
Maybe cause of my own personal connection to these countries, or maybe cause I simply believe they have the most unique fashion and accessory trends!

One Greek lady is making some LUX handmade sandals, and her unique style is definitely a result of her life in Greece! This lady’s name is Happy Ballis, and she’s the owner of BlissDesigners Etsy shop!

The different Sandal collections on Happy’s shop are based on her high quality leather sandals. While you could get the “naked” sandals on their own, enjoying comfortable walking and a unique Greek style, you could also enjoy walking in some pretty uniquely styled sandals– for everyday fun!

In Happy’s shop you’ll also find some delicate designs, with bright colors, perfect as bridal sandals, or for those summer events, as well as all the love and fun- kids’ size!

Honestly, there is so much more to this shop and seller With a hat collation, and one of a kind Greek Bohemian jewelry

But the sandals… Oh- the sandals have my heart!

Visit BlissDesigners Etsy shop today for more!

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