Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Halloween Costume

There’s never been a woman more iconic than Marilyn Monroe, and if you want to make the BEST impression in this year’s Halloween costume parties- nothing beats the Marilyn Monroe pink dress look!
The special pink dress worn by Marilyn Monroe is a treasured item indeed, and with the help of Cosplayrr, the leading online shop for Halloween and cosplay costumes, you can have a tailor made Marilyn Monroe pink dress!

Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Halloween 2020

Combining this unique women’s costume with a blonde wig, and some bling, this special Marilyn Monroe pink dress could be one of your best Halloween costumes yet!
The special structure of the dress allows you to look majestic, classy, and sexy- just like a real life Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn Monroe Costume in ALL sizes!

The most unique part about this special Marilyn Monroe pink dress costume by Cosplayrr is the fact that it is made specifically for your size! Small bust large hips? Small waist and bust size? Plus size? This online costume shop has got you covered- as they make this special Marilyn Monroe costume based on the sizes you provide them:

Check out Cosplayrr today, for your very own
Marilyn Monroe Pink Dress Halloween Costume!

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