Mila’s Cozy Boutique

Mila, diagnosed as a Yarnoholic (addicted to yarn) is the owner of MyCozyBoutique, a wonderful Etsy store where Mila sells her handmade knitted ponchos, shawls, scarves, blankets and more!
Assisting her with motivation, photography and inspiration, is her husband- Igor.

The store is a true family business, and the exact example to what I’ve been saying here for the past 2 years- we need to start supporting family businesses and prioritize shopping in local small shops- instead of the big brands!

Mila now lives in Canada, and the store’s items are shipped from her home in Toronto… But this wasn’t always her life.

Growing up in Europe, one of my favorite hobbies was knitting. When I moved to Canada I had to make many sacrifices and unfortunately, hobbies had to be put on hold while I worked on establishing myself in a new country. (Mila says in her store…)

As time went on, I felt as if my hands were aching for their old craft. One day I was surprised to find myself with a strong desire to pick up yarn and my knitting needles to make myself something new. I went to the store that same day and bought some yarn. I can’t stop knit since that day…

So, if you like one of the amazing knitted fashion items you’ve seen here-
go ahead, visit Mila and Igor’s store on Etsy, or follow them on Instagram
to make sure you’ll never miss a new design or sale!

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