Moma Delia’s Readings And Advices- On Etsy!

Etsy is indeed a world of endless opportunities.
This online marketplace is dedicated to people, real people, and their crafts and handmade goods. However, not all of the sellers on Etsy would give you a solid products that you can hold… Some can give you something a lot more valuable than that!

It’s true to say that internet has changed our lives in the most amazing way, in fact, there’s nothing you can’t get these days online… A new book, a sofa for your living room, a date, and even a great and helpful tarot card reading. For that- you have Moma Delia.

With over 6000 sales in her Etsy store, HomemadeHoodoo, Moma Delia takes pride in her work. After working with several “big-time” psychics and learned everything there is to know about how magic works- Moma Delia opened her store online to cater to people who don’t live in her proximity but still look for her guidance and advice on matter such as: love, money, career, family, weight-loss and ourselves.

Her way is simple… After 30 years on the job- she doesn’t judge. She only accepts what you say and tries to help, provide a clear path ahead using her talent.

Moma Delia is also selling physical items that will be shipped to you (within the USA). She makes beautiful soaps and other beauty  products- all while using 100% natural ingredients (which she mostly grows in her garden).

If you need any advice at all-
try her out by contacting her on her Etsy store
or by simply texting her cell at: 484.634.0435.

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