Oil & Acrylic Art by Retired German Lady With a Love for Nature

Loving all things nature, retired Bärbel Brandstädter from Güstrow, Germany, has discovered a new hobby- painting.

In her home and free time, Bärbel started painting flowers on canvas, using acrylic colors.
As she spent more and more time painting she has expanded her works of art to include more than just flowers, and later on decided to add a new ingredient to the mis- teaching herself how to paint in oil colors.

In a world of digital art, with half the millenials I know sell prints of photos they found on stock sites, Bärbel is a breath of fresh air. Just a simple sweet woman, with a canvas and a brush, making one of a kind pieces of art to make herself and others- smile!

Here are my personal favorites from Bärbel Etsy shop- oilpaintingflowers:

oilpaintingflowers Etsy shop is a dynamic shop! With every item existing only 1 time- when a painting is purchased it’s gone!

This fact comes alongside the fact that Bärbel keeps on making and uploading more and more paintings to her shop!

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