Painting as a Coping Mechanism

We know that art can be used in therapy, but we can never really understand that feeling until we see it in person. For me it was stitching, making bags and makeup pouches to start coping with my PTSD, for two young adults from the USA- it was painting.

2 kids who went through a hard period of 11 years of them having have to struggle mentally, financially, and emotionally. They sought out comfort in art, painting, and as their paintings improved- so did they. So the two opened up an Etsy store, sharing their art and trying to make that passion, that magnificent coping mechanism- their bread and butter.

In their Etsy store PourManPaintings, they have so far uploaded only 8 of their paintings- but I think they’ll start sharing a lot more when they realize who good it makes them feel to sell something they made with such feeling and passion!

See prices and more details on their Etsy store!

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