Original Acrylic and Watercolor Wall Art from California


I think it’s known by now, that for a room to really fell complete, for a house to feel like a home, you need art. Wall art comes in many forms, and you’ll be able to find art easily these days, online and off.

You have beautiful canvas prints available at random chain shops, and you got the art galleries, selling unique original art – but for a lot more money.

If you want to get that hand painted quality, but can’t afford famous galleries- go to Etsy.

A great Etsy shop for hand painted wall art is Artbybhavna.
Named after the artist who owns the shop, Artbybhavna is a place to get one of a kind acrylic and watercolor paintings- made by a California girl, who just re-discovered her love for art.

With a background is in Architecture Design, Bhavna always found a passion for Art and Design.
Few years ago she picked up a brush, draw her mind, and couldn’t stop ever since. There’s that amazing feeling of intoxication, one that only artists could understand… A feeling of peace and joy while doing your art.

And I do think, looking at the amazing art work at Bhavna’s shop, that this feeling is visible in each and every one of her paintings.

I love experimenting with watercolors and acrylic. (She says in her bio,)

I am more passionate about watercolors since they are challenging and I can pick up brush & paint anywhere. I get inspired by nature and things surrounding me. I like to work on small details and simplicity of a form that focus on the character of an object whether it’s in Architecture or Art.

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