Minimalistic Prints of Your Favorite Characters

Movies and TV shows have a way of getting into our hearts and minds. When the plot is right, and the main character is someone we can relate to- we are swept in and see the world differently. With our super-heroes we can imagine for a moment a better world, a more complex world, a different reality. We love them so much cause they allow us to escape us and be them for a minute.

And we can make that minute last longer.
By collecting souvenirs, by surrounding ourselves with things that remind us of them… A shirt with the logo of Superman, a bag with a cat-woman print, a wall art piece with Spiderman on it. These all will help us bring that thing we see on the screen- into us.

If you feel the same way as I do, or know someone with a serious super-hero-addiction- this Etsy store is for you!

AJDPoster is an Etsy store owned by Jeff Cheng who lives in Singapore. He creates beautiful digital images of his favorite characters- available in a form of a print, from a card size to A4.
Celebrating the new Spiderman movie- Homecoming, and the series Looking- Jeff has shared some amazing minimalistic art with us over his Etsy store… So go ahead and check out what you could have for your walls this summer:

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