Personalized Crayon Piggy Banks – A MUST!


We all love a good Piggy Bank. I think that one of my favorite childhood moments was breaking that ceramic piglet and getting my “life savings” to go buy a nice gift for my 15th birthday!

Piggy banks still remain attractive to kids these days… But they now come in a lot of other different shapes, and sizes!

A woman by the name of Emily Arcamone has come up with a brilliant idea, accumulating over 1000 sales, that are over 1000 happy parents… A huge crayon piggy bank! These unique personalized piggy banks are amazing for kids of any age- for several reasons! 1. Young kids can hold them and feel a connection to them as they look just like a crayon!

2. You can recognize the “ownership” of Emily’s crayon piggy banks as they are personalized with a name!

3. As the kid grows it becomes easier and easier for him or her to hold this long huge crayon shaped piggy bank! Making it all that more exciting!

Oh, and 4…. As you can see by parents who uploaded pictures of these crayon piggy banks with their kids- They are adorable!!

Liked what you see here?
If you do- go ahead and visit Emily’s Etsy shop DesignsByEmilyA and see more about these unique and super awesome

MUST HAVE personalized crayon piggy banks!

Maya Mey Aroyo

Content writer & editor at TheWomenTeam.com “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal” – Bill Bernbach

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