Preserved Boxed Eternity Roses & Flower Arrangements

Tia Jackson has a unique eye for high-end designs, and she, and her team of designers, left me in awe of their work in her shop- CherishedBlossomsGB– and the preserved flowers they make.
In a unique spectacle of eternal love, this store is the BEST way to show someone how you feel about them!

This London based business uses authentic and unique international fabrics to design luxury and exquisite floral designs in hat boxes. The perfect gift for love celebrations, anniversary dinners, wedding parties, and other love-related events.

Tia and her team have been selling their unique floral creations and more on their online shop- cherished blossoms and making so many people happy! As this business has only now arrive on to Etsy, I am personally thrilled to see what more ideas and unique flower arrangements will come from this team! If you want to make sure that whenever Tia updates a new lux floral listing to the shop – you’ll know about it- Favorite her Etsy shop!

Learn more about the owner of this shop, Tia:

I adore and appreciate simple luxury and comfort, in line with the famous quote by Coco Chanel “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. I strongly believe in striving and continuously improving my life, so I am keen enthusiast of personal development and with that I have decided to enhance my natural talent of helping and coaching people on their life journeys. With my leadership and drive for excellence, our value at Cherished Blossoms is something that I take seriously and makes sure that every aspect of the company runs smoothly and successfully.

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