Rtic Tumbler Cups Turned To Art

If you are looking to get Rtic Tumbler cups than you know how good they are. These cups can help you keep the drinks inside cold or hot longer than any other brand. However, this post is not just about the simple cups… But more about how one couple took them and made them personal and special for anyone in the world.

Shipping worldwide from the US, Toni and Tony are a married couple (+3 little ones) that took this everyday item and made it feel more private and less commercial. With amazing designs, and a technique that could only be known for people who’v been in the industry for over a decade, Toni & Tony opened this amazing Etsy store called: Graphic Dips. 

The meaning behind the name is simple- dipping these Rtic Tumbler cups into a design, into the colours, but making them special and graphic. The store features a unique selection of different “backgrounds” for the cups, from “snake-skin” to abstract, from plain to personalized. You can even get your name or company logo to appear on the cups!

What’s even more amazing about this store is the reason why it was opened to begin with. As the wife of this dynamic duo fell ill with cancer, the couple needed to find extra ways to make money. They opened their Etsy shop in hopes to cover medical bills, but while doing so they have discovered that having this store and running it full time would be like a dream come true for them. So, if you like to get your own personal Rtic Tumbler cup- here are some of the amazing designs Tony & Toni can offer you:

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