Simple Protective Gemstones & Healing Crystals Jewelry

Protection jewelry have become some what of a trend these days, and it’s no surprise at all! Why have a normal piece of jewelry on you when you could have mantra bracelets and protective bracelets instead?

Many years ago, when the protection trend first emerged, it was the big MALA necklaces that ruled the world. However, they were clumsy, un-stylish- and very hard to fit an outfit to. That’s why I personally love CrystalMinded Etsy store- cause they keep it simple and feminine.

This Etsy store, owned by Michelle Ruby, is sharing the love, worldwide from Ohio, United States- so that every women (or man) could enjoy the protection of this woman’s energy and healing crystals.

Read the The Story of CrystalMinded, as presented by the seller:

Humanity has been intuitively drawn to the Divinely created riches of Mother Earth since its beginning for producing tools and adornments and in shamanic practices for healing the body, mind, and soul. Crystals hold and transmit energetic frequencies that can both aide and protect us and continue to be used in modern times. The Divine has placed before humanity all it could ever possibly need and throughout history, humanity has worked with, studied and made use of the plentiful bounty. These raw materials hold meanings and intentions produced directly from the power of all that is.

Crystals indeed hold the reverberating power of Divine creation. It is my intention to provide simple and comforting pieces of crystal and mineral adornments that allow the powerful essences and healing nature of Divinity to surround you with their loving intentions.

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