That Magical Connection Between Books & Knitting…

It’s amazing to see where people find inspiration from.
I’ve seen Etsy sellers who sell printable wall art, inspired by them growing up next to the beach. People who make lovely tshirt designs- inspired by their favorite songs and musicians, but finding AllBookedUpKnits Etsy shop was the first time I encountered a woman that knits- with books as her inspiration.

Literacy Inspired DishCloths

Rachel, the woman & book lover behind AllBookedUpKnits Etsy shop, is creating amazing knitted dishcloths- inspired by books that she loves. These are simple-looking knitted squares, that when you look closely- you can see a pattern in them- that is a symbol from something in a book.
For example- Aladdin’s genie lamp, the door leading to The Secret Garden, the bow of Robin Hood, and the hat of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland :

Baby Blankets that tell a Story

Expanding her love for books to bigger and cozier items, Rachel also creates comfy knitted baby blankets that were inspired by stories and characters. These patterns are both unique and inspiring, and even if you don’t like the books behind them- you could still appreciate how they would compliment nurseries with a certain design motiv- like her colorful Over the Rainbow blanket, or the Sailor’s blanket inspired by Finding Nemo- that would go well in nurseries decorated by clouds & rainbows, or with a nautical theme.

I started this shop because I really love stories and books and I especially love products that help bring those stories into homes in unique ways. (Rachel)

On top of creating awesome book inspired knitted items, Rachel also donates 10% of all her sales to support non-profits that promote literacy. What a wonderful book we could write about her knitted journey 🙂

So go ahead and check out
AllBookedUpKnits Etsy shop
to find your bookish-knitted cloth or blanket!

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