The Best Way To Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid / Maid of Honor?”

Planning wedding can be a huge hassle, we all know it. But- thank GOD we have our best friends to help us through the planning, the stressing, the getting ready and tying the knot!
For these amazing friends, that ones that will be there for your bachelorette party (and holding you hair after…) as well as with you for the make up and final touches- we have a special gift!


BridalGiftsUS, A USA based Etsy shop, has made it super easy and stylish to ask your friends to be there for you on your big day- with amazing designs of charms and bracelets for your bridesmaids and maid of honor!
With this store’s unique collection- you can ask your friends to be there for you- using a small token of appreciation, a bracelet or a necklace, with or without a charm, in a stylish gift package that says it all!

will-you-be-my-bridesmaid-gift-gift-for-bridesmaid-proposal-box-bridesmaid-bracelet-initial-tie-the-knot-bracelet-maid-of-honor-gift-2657935 maid-of-honor-gift-initial-necklace-initial-necklace-gift-maid-of-honor-proposal-maid-of-honor-charm-necklace-maid-of-honour-weddings-8368003

If you like this style and want to make sure you’ll see new and exciting designs from this shop (or even potential sales)

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Visit BridalGiftsUS on Etsy today!


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