Wedding Garters & Bridal Accessories by Katia Frishman

Getting married? Got a friend who’s about to tie the knot?
This post is for you!

The Garter-tradition

Back in the eighteenth/twentieth centuries garters were a common accessory. Fashion accessories and clothing were not manufactured like today, and garters were used to hold women’s socks up, mostly wrapped around their legs, right under the knee, where the leg is most slender.
Wedding garters became a thing few years after, as the groom would present they bride’s wedding garter after their first night, as proof that they have consummated their marriage.

In our age, the wedding garter appears a lot earlier in the wedding event, as the groom throws it to his group of men, almost in the same way as the bride tosses her bouquet.
Some women choose to wear 2 garters to their wedding, one for the toss, and one for the wedding night or as a keepsake from this amazing night the couple shares.

What are you looking for in a garter?

Garters need to be created with careful thought and care as they need to be 2 very opposite things at the same time: strong and comfy.
One the one hand the garter must be strong as it needs to hold it’s ground and not fall of the thigh. However, you need to make sure that you found the right garter for your wedding party- otherwise you’ll end up feeling like you’re getting married while wearing a tourniquet.

So, like in most cases- whenever I need something- I turn to Etsy! Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters and artists of all kinds, where they can share their art and craft work with potential customers from all over the world.

One of these crafters is Katia Frishman, a talented woman from Florida that sells her amazing wedding garters worldwide!

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