When Nature Meets Silver in Spain.

I sometimes like to think of Etsy as this game of clue, when you have to guess the person, the room and the murder weapon. Not that there’s anything murdery about the online shopping mall for handmade goods, it’s just that it’s always this interesting mix of things that creates a shop.
You’ll see people using fabric and oil paintings to create art in South America, people using beads and threads to make accessories from the far East, or in this case- the use of Silver with the inspiration of nature- all taking place in Madrid, Spain.

TessJewellery is the Etsy shop I’m talking about, with Spanish designer and jewelry maker- Yolanda Triviño as the manager and operator.
In this unique Etsy boutique you’ll be able to find some unique silver rings, stackable rings, rings with gemstones, and special shaped wide rings- all made from high quality silver- and Yolanda’s love of nature.

Here are some of my personal favorite silver rings from Yolanda’s shop:

These beautiful botanical accessories and silver trinkets keep on coming-
as Yolanda’s creativity never rests!

If you want to make sure to never miss a new design by this Spanish designer,
or a sale of some sort, make sure to follow her on Instagram!

Her account will also give you access to her daily life and inspirations…
And that is always a great thing to witness!

Visit TessJewellery Etsy shop today for more!

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